Category: Family Show

  • Kingdom of Shadow

    Kingdom of Shadow

    Plastic theatre performance by Moonlight Shadow Theatre Imagine there is a world that is hidden from the mankind’s eyes.A world where everything is made with an illusory and intricate game of shadows…Kingdom of shadows! A girl finds a way into this world by chance and goes on an unforgettable journey with Shadow. He shows her…

  • Maleficent


    The Circus Musical This story tells us about good and evil, love, respect for each other, and friendship. The main storyline is between Maleficent and Mariveza. Maleficent, as usual, hosts a ball for fairy guests from different kingdoms. However, things don’t go as planned this time. Together with the heroes, the audience will get into…

  • Bremen Town Musicians IV

    Bremen Town Musicians IV

    Ice show by Ice Vision Bremen town musicians in an unusual version – on ice! Stunning scenery and high skill figure skaters create an unforgettable, exciting and spectacular performance! The musical arrangements are written by the author of the gold Olympic figure skating programs, the winner of the Emmy award, composer Edwin Marton.

  • Arabian nights IV

    Arabian nights IV

    Ice show by Ice Vision Ice show based on the famous stories about Scheherazade with added scenes from tales of Aladdin and the magic lamp, Ali Baba and 40 robbers. In all plots there are couples in love who together symbolize the greatness of love. The skill of artists, ethnic motifs and modern choreography combine ice…

  • Count Dracula IV

    Count Dracula IV

    Ice show by Ice Vision The story of eternal love in a theatrical musical on ice with sports elements, flights and acrobatics. Two hours of author music and songs including scenes with live music.

  • Princess Anastasia IV

    Princess Anastasia IV

    Ice show by Ice Vision The performance “Princess Anastasia on Ice” combines the classics of drama theater and the dynamics of figure skating. It is based on a legend about the salvation of the heir to the Russian throne, which has repeatedly developed in theatrical and cinematographic art. In addition to the traditional theatrical audience, the…

  • Nutcracker and the Lord of darkness IV

    Nutcracker and the Lord of darkness IV

    Ice show by Ice Vision The Nutcracker on ice was staged for a drama theater, which makes it truly innovational in the eyes of the audience. The show combines classical music by P.Tchaikovsky and modern rock arrangements. The figure skating, acting, special effects, stunning costumes and the musical component make the show really exceptional.

  • Alice in Wonderland IV

    Alice in Wonderland IV

    Ice show by Ice Vision An amazing family performance is taking us back to a childhood fairytale. This story is famous for its extraordinary plot, which has become a real phenomenon, as well as unique characters. The performance on ice combines charming figure skating, sports elements, acrobatics and all kind of modern video technologies. Performers on…

  • Legend of Eternity RA

    Legend of Eternity RA

    The Circus Musical by Romanov Arena This is a love story of a beautiful girl Laizo and the Time that came to earth in the form of a man. Walking around his possessions, he met Laizo and fell in love with her. Time sacrifices itself to save the beloved from the hands of cold eternity. The…

  • Magic School MS

    Magic School MS

    Interactive performance by MultiShow MAGIC SCHOOL is a unique multimedia New Year’s show. Viewers get to the magic school, where they are taught to be wizards. Magic begins to act after the wave of this magic wand, which is given to every viewers of the show. During the show, with the help of a magic wand,…

  • Multisaurs MS

    Multisaurs MS

    Interactive performance by MultiShow MULTISAURS is an exciting journey into the world of dinosaurs. Do you want to know how these animals lived, what language they spoke? Each viewer has a chance to learn all the details from life of dinosaurs and complete a very difficult mission – save the mysterious island of dinosaurs from the…

  • Multispace MS

    Multispace MS

    Interactive performance by MultiShow MULTISPACE is a multimedia show on a big professional screen accompanied by actors – space rangers Astra and Leo. All children will become members of an existing mission. They control the action on the screen and the scene using LED bracelets. The show includes an entertainment and educational program. Viewers will learn…

  • Alice in Wonderland EL

    Alice in Wonderland EL

    The Circus Musical by Elysium Colorful and eccentric phantasmagoria based on the legendary tale of Lewis Carroll. Familiar to all the characters – and Alice, and the Hatter, and Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat, and the Black Queen – will appear before the audience in his circus incarnation, against the backdrop of impressive 3D-scenery, with amazing…

  • Clown and Cats

    Clown and Cats

    Cats Theatre by Kuklachev THE CATS THEATER directed by Juri and Dmitriy Kuklachev  is the only one in the world theatre with trained cats!“You can try to do almost everything with your cats, but in the event of violence or pressure the cat will never forgive you and have put your trust in it …”…

  • Alladin and the Magic Lamp RA

    Alladin and the Magic Lamp RA

    The Circus Musical by Romanov Arena Alladin and the Magic Lamp from the collection “A Thousand and One Nights” will appear for the audience as a grandiose circus and musical performance. The story of brave and kind Aladdin and his character is loved in all parts of the world. New Year’s performance for the whole…

  • Alice in Wonderland RA

    Alice in Wonderland RA

    The Circus Musical by Romanov Arena The combination of circus and theatrical art, live vocals, modern ballet, original decorations, exclusive music make these projects unique. Our performances are a harmonious synthesis of all seemingly contradictory, creative spheres. The show is interesting not only for children, but for their parents. After all, actors from the best…

  • Avizzo RA

    Avizzo RA

    The Circus Musical by Romanov Arena The enchanting AVIZZO show in retro style is a combination of the best circus performances and demonstration of the human capabilities that amaze the imagination of the audience! AVIZZO is a cipher word, only circus artists performing in the old circus knew its true meaning. The show of the same…

  • Chipollino RA

    Chipollino RA

    The Circus Musical by Romanov Arena The fairy tale about the boy-onion Chipollino, known since childhood, comes to life on stage in an incredible, colorful performance for the whole family! This is the story of a fruit and vegetable state, where the most sour, spicy and sweet ones grow! And how do they all get along…

  • Enchanted Prince Nutcracker RA

    Enchanted Prince Nutcracker RA

    The Circus Musical by Romanov Arena Do the toys come to life? You will find out the answer to this question if you visit the circus performance “The Enchanted Prince Nutcracker” full of miracles and transformations. The cunning mouse king has stolen the Magical Walnut, which was protecting the fairy kingdom from dark forces.Evil spells struck…

  • Pinocchio and the Golden Key RA

    Pinocchio and the Golden Key RA

    The Circus Musical by Romanov Arena A performance not to be missed: the Romanov Arena creative team presents a gala show with the participation of world-famous artists for the wholefamily. You will be able to see «Pinocchio» in a completely new great format.A favorite childhood fairy tale will come to life on stage in an incredible,…

  • Wizard of OZ or Emerald city RA

    Wizard of OZ or Emerald city RA

    The Circus Musical by Romanov Arena The best circus artists participate in the show, and all vocal passages are played live! Spectators will enjoy spectacular circus acts and vocal numbers, original animation and colorful costumes. Not only children will be happy, but also their parents! The show harmoniously combines circus, theater and music, complemented by 3D…

  • Puppazia Show

    Puppazia Show

    THEATER OF BIG PUPPETS & PEOPLE – PUPPAZIA SHOW THE MYSTERY OF PIRATES FROM CARIBIC ISLANDS on request PAST TOUR: PUPPAZIA SHOW “4 SEASONS” MILANO, TEATRO DELLA LUNA 19 MARCH 2016 VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE The group is born in 1989 in Russia. The theater troupe, consists of professional actors, has traveled in many cities of Russia…

  • Smurfs Spring Show

    Smurfs Spring Show