Kingdom of Shadow

Plastic theatre performance by Moonlight Shadow Theatre

Imagine there is a world that is hidden from the mankind’s eyes.
A world where everything is made with an illusory and intricate game of shadows…Kingdom of shadows! A girl finds a way into this world by chance and goes on an unforgettable journey with Shadow. He shows her how the world was created, then they travel to different countries, and finally get into different fairy tales. Spectators will see the Ancient World (Egypt, Antiquity), sketches from the life of different people (Europe, America) and magic fairy tales (Harry Potter, European fairy tales, Frozen). 

Duration of the show can be different: 80 minutes with one intermission (40 min each part) or 65-70 minutes without any intermission. 

In the show, apart from the scenes of the plastic shadow theatre, there are choreographic scenes: artists in spectacular costumes appear in front of the audience which makes the show even more stunning and exclusive. 

The show will be interesting for both adults and children 6+ years.