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10 February 2019

RUSSIAN ACADEMIC DANCE COMPANY 50 YEARS JUBILEY EUROPA TOUR. 10 February 2019 – Theatre Metropole Lausanne, Switzerland VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE STATE RUSSIAN FOLK DANCE COMPANY. Artistic Director:  Mira Koltzova. Russian Folk Dance Company since 1948.  The world famous State academic

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The Royal National Ballet of Georgia Read more: PDF VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE The Royal National Ballet presents a spectacular dance show with demonstration of amazing technology. Caucasian rhythms, dynamic honed movements, temperamental performance – reflects in the full sense of


Argentine Dance Ensemble “Estampas Porteñas” Presents a new dance show “STRONG” in the style of Malambo Fusion. Read more: PDF VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE This unique choreographic creation, filled with the skill of professional dancers, demonstrates an amazing cultural exchange and

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BALALAIKA Russian instrumental ensemble Read more: PDF VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE Ensemble “Balalaika”, created in 1994, became the winner of many international festivals. The ensemble’s collective consists of 6 musicians, a ballet couple and 2 vocalists. under the leadership of Honored

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Ex-Red Army company with choir, ballet and orchestra of Kiev, Ukraine SWITZERLAND-FRANCE MARCH 2011 ABOUT PERFORMANCE The military complex coming from the Ukraine representanet of the former USSR, today is the independent company that however has kept the Red Army

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RUSSIAN COSSACKS – COSACCHI DELLA RUSSIA SWITZERLAND – SPAIN MARCH 2015 ABOUT PERFORMANCE The Russian Cossacks dance company is one of the most important professional dance companies in the country. The show has fascinated not only the Cossack art lovers,

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November 2018 Italy

GZHEL Russian Dance Folk Show November 2018 Italy VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE The second show is the “Gzhel Theater Dance Show”, an exciting musical trip to various corners of Russia through lyrical circle dances and images of traditional folk crafts. This

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CHORE, BALLET & ORCHESTRA OF ST. PETERSBURG 85 YEARS JUBILEY EUROPA TOUR Read more: PDF VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE Artistic Director: ILIA KOLESNIKOV The Sankt Petersburg Red Army company , names actually as East Military District Dance & Music Company headed by

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MALAMBEANDO Original Argentinian Dance Show VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE From the mind of very first dancers and choreographers, fundamental references of their gender: Oscar Horacio Fernandez and Valverdi Nazarene, the idea to create this great show that Argentina, given its wealth

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JOCK – MOLDAVENIASKA DANCE ENSEMBLE VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE The State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Moldova “Jock” takes its name from the Moldovan folk dance. The ensemble was established on August 23, 1945 in Chisinau by choreographers L. Leonardi and

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GEORGIAN FOLK DANCE COMPANY SUCHISHWILI RAMISHWILI ITALY – SWITZERLAND DECEMBER 2015 VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE National Georgian Ballet Sukhishvili (also known as Sukhishvilebi) have recently presented their new program named Dance Georgian. Renowned Georgian State Dance Company performed together with Nika

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COSSACKS OF DON Folk Company ITALY – SWITZERLAND DECEMBER 2013 & 2017 VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE The very word Cossack in Russian means ‘free man.’ In the early czarist times they staged revolts of the masses against the oppressive orders; they

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KOSTROMA BALLET NATIONAL DE RUSSIE Luogo: THEATRE DU LEMAN Città: GENEVE Data: 23-03-2018 Orario: 20:00 Categoria: dance Read more Newsletter VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE The Russian national ballet Kostroma is one of the youngest professional choreographies in the Russian Federation that

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14-24 December 2018

Moldaveniaska Moldavian Dance Folk Show 14-24 December 2018 – Italy Read more: Newsletter or PDF VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE The company was founded in 1974 and is the winner of international competitions and festivals. The dance repertoire is created on the

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October-December 2019

CELTIC LEGENDS Irish Live Show October – December 2019 Read more: WEB: VIDEO ABOUT PERFORMANCE Celtic Legends brings you 100% live traditional Irish dance, music and song. Celebrating over 10 adventurous years of touring worldwide. Born in the wild

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24 June 2020, Moscow

Bolero – Zapateando a Mozart – Flamenco Live 24 June 2020 – Performance Art Centre Moscow Last Tour: 6 December 2018 – 20:00 – Theatre du Leman, Geneve   Read more PDF or newsletter VIDEO ABOUT PERFOMANCE An extraordinary Ballet

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