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  • Magic School MS

    Magic School MS

    Interactive performance by MultiShow MAGIC SCHOOL is a unique multimedia New Year’s show. Viewers get to the magic school, where they are taught to be wizards. Magic begins to act after the wave of this magic wand, which is given to every viewers of the show. During the show, with the help of a magic wand,…

  • Multisaurs MS

    Multisaurs MS

    Interactive performance by MultiShow MULTISAURS is an exciting journey into the world of dinosaurs. Do you want to know how these animals lived, what language they spoke? Each viewer has a chance to learn all the details from life of dinosaurs and complete a very difficult mission – save the mysterious island of dinosaurs from the…

  • Multispace MS

    Multispace MS

    Interactive performance by MultiShow MULTISPACE is a multimedia show on a big professional screen accompanied by actors – space rangers Astra and Leo. All children will become members of an existing mission. They control the action on the screen and the scene using LED bracelets. The show includes an entertainment and educational program. Viewers will learn…