“Life is nothing but a game of chess. She always thought of herself as a pawn, until fate offered her the chance to go through the game as a queen.”

The PRJCT360 dance show “NINA” is a fascinating story of an ordinary girl, faced with a choice – to continue playing by the rules and face the adversities that life throws her way OR to avenge fate and take matters into their own hands at any cost. Love, jealousy, crime, repentance. All this and much more in the show “NINA”.

Viewers will be captivated by unexpected plot twists, detective investigations, love stories and dazzling pictures of Hollywood life. The show will transport you to the glamorous atmosphere of Broadway Cabaret with its inherent elements of gorgeous costumes, phenomenal music selection and stylish dance performances.

The dance show “NINA” is a large-scale and extremely impressive show in every aspect. Thanks to the efforts of an international team of professionals, we created a two-story stage with internal labyrinths, lined with large LED screens, broadcasting specially crafted video content. All the sceneries that viewers will witness are so realistic, that at one moment they will be blown away by the freezing wind from a prison cell, at another they will feel like guests at the noisiest wedding, and the next they will find themselves in the cozy walls of an exquisite cabaret. .

The technical part of the show is the work of Sergei Koltsov, who developed the performances of some of the most famous Russian stars.

Apart from the incredible technical characteristics of the show, the dance component is no less impressive! PRJCT360 are professional artists ready to conquer the hearts of every viewer. To form the final line-up of the troupe, the dancers went through two difficult castings, a summer training camp and countless dance classes to create “universal” dance artists at an internationally acclaimed level. Their trainings are daily, long, composed of different dance styles and sports disciplines. On stage, as in life, they move as a single organism, but they have unique, different characters, which makes their images so interesting to watch.

Spectators will see the Ancient World (Egypt, Antiquity), sketches from the life of different people (Europe, America) and magic fairy
tales (Harry Potter, European fairy tales, Frozen).

The team of choreographers of PRJCT360 consists of three artists working in diverse directions – Rositsa Terziyska (Classical and Jazz Techniques, Jazz Funk, Contemporary Choreography), Simona Georgieva (Hip-Hop and Urban Choreography) and Vasil Zolumov (Hip-Hop, Urban and Contemporary Choreography). Each of them is an exceptional professional in their field with extensive experience in performing and developing unique dance performances, concerts and music videos. The choreography of the show “NINA” will amaze even the most demanding spectator with it’s energetic mass numbers, gentle duets and acrobatic solos.

To fully take us for a ride into the glamorous era, also known as the “Jazz Era”, the costumes for the show are specially designed and crafted by Nichola Floridov. With his innovative and creative approach, he manages to create a bridge between the decadent atmosphere of the “Great Gatsby” and contemporary fashion trends.

The performance “NINA” of PRJCT 360 is the largest dance show ever made in Bulgaria! This spectacle is a real feast for the senses, which will keep you in suspense from the first minute and will not let you go until the very end!