Spartacus RCB

Ballet by Royal Classical Ballet

“Spartacus” of the Moscow State Ballet theater was created according to the original script of the choreographer, Honored Artist of Russia Irina Lazareva. This performance is very dynamic, bright, full of drama and complex dance elements. Against the backdrop of monumental scenery, to the great music of Aram Khachaturian, a tragedy is played out on stage: the bright, cheerful, free, full of sincere feelings world of the ancient Greek settlement, in the midst of wedding celebrations, perishes overnight under the swords of legionnaires. A wild orgy in the palace of the Roman consul, frantic dancing of courtesans and wine – the moral bottom, but they are the winners, this is their time, the Greeks are doomed to live in slavery, die in gladiatorial battles, and please all the whims of the patricians. Spartak does not resign himself to such a fate, he raises an uprising, spectacular battle scenes follow one another. The beloved supports the hero to the end, even feeling that he is doomed. Their duets are permeated with tenderness, sadness and crazy hope for happiness, despite everything. It is impossible to defeat the Empire. Betrayal in the camp of Spartacus only accelerates the denouement, but it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees – this is what the play is about, charged with the strongest energy, relevant at all times.