Giselle RCB

Ballet by Royal Classical Ballet

“Giselle” is one of the best creations of French romanticism, incredibly beautiful and sad, playing on the strings of the soul. Idyll and tragedy, selfless love and cruel deception, revenge and selflessness, the real and fantastic world – everything is intertwined in this performance, encouraging the viewer to empathize with the characters. The premiere of the ballet “Giselle” took place on June 28, 1841 at the Le Peletier theater in Paris. In December 1842, this performance was staged for the first time in Russia. Since then, the choreography of Georges Coralli and Jules Perrault has undergone many changes, but the deadly dance of the Willis in the ancient cemetery is just as airy and beautiful, and in the duet of Count Albert and the ghost of the dead girl Giselle, repentance and forgiveness, despair and reassurance still sound. The bewitching music of A. Adam, the play of light and shadow, the flight of white slippers in the night fog creates a mystical atmosphere, the illusion of contact with a fantastic afterlife. True love lives beyond the line of death – this is the main message of “Giselle”.