Magic of Sanremo

The Magic of Sanremo – the famous Italian show. The world-famous hits from the Sanremo Music Festival. Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of Italian music! The legendary hits will be performed by four Italian stars: Stefano Bersola, Chiara Luppi, Gianni Scribano, Lara Pascuali. Their magnificent voices won over the world with their authentic interpretations of the most famous songs. The conductor is maestro Dan Rapoport from Venice. For one evening you will be transported to the charming town of Sanremo with its holiday atmosphere, experience a feeling of sweet nostalgia, and remember the history of Italian music from the early days of the festival to the present day and sing along to your favorite songs such as Volare, Felicità, L’italiano, Susanna and many more.

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