Maestrissimo YL

Comedy by YLLANA

Maestrissimo is an «allegro e molto vivace» show, which comes halfway between a chamber concert, satirical comedy, and a portrayal of the times. In sheer Yllana style, it illustrates the adventures and misfortunes of a string quartet round about the 17th and 18th centuries (Baroque and Neoclassicism).

A supporting-act musician —a nobody, but with immense talent— seeks to climb the ladder and achieve the title of maestrissimo. Will his talent and brilliance be enough to make a name for himself in such a hierarchical world? Will he achieve the prestige he rightfully deserves?

Along the same lines as Pagagnini, but with a separate entity, Maestrissimo will delight us with ever so carefully selected aesthetics and hilarious characters. It is a comedy which tackles such topics as ethics, creation, originality and the value of art in society, at the same time as it recaps key moments of classical music.

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