Matia Bazar

Silvia Mezzanotte

Silvia Mezzanotte is an Italian singer. In 1999 she replaced Laura Valente as the lead singer of the famed band Matia Bazar; with them, she took part in three subsequent editions of the Sanremo Music Festival: in 2000 (with Brivido caldo, reaching the 8th place), in 2001 (with Questa nostra grande storia d’amore, ranked #3) and 2002, this time winning the contest with Messaggio d’amore, before embarking on a two-year-long world tour.

Antonella Ruggiero

Antonella Ruggiero is an Italian singer. In 1975 with Piero Cassano (voice and keyboards), Aldo Stellita (bass), Giancarlo Golzi (drums), and Carlo Marrale (voice and guitars) she established the historical group Matia Bazar. Pop hits from the band included: “Ma perché”, “Solo tu”, “Per un’ora d’amore”, “Stasera che sera”, “Cavallo bianco”, “Il video sono io”, “Mister Mandarino”, “Souvenir”, “Ti Sento” and “Vacanze romane”. “Ti Sento” was their major hit. It was number one in Belgium and Italy. As a member of Matia Bazar, they represented their homecountry of Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 1979, with their song “Raggio di luna”. In total, they garnered 27 points, and finished in fifteenth place. Ruggiero continued to tour with Matia Bazar, however, her partnership with the group ended in 1989.