Riccardo Fogli

Riccardo Fogli is an Italian singer-songwriter. The 1980s were a pinnacle of success for Riccardo Fogli. In this period, the lyrics of his songs became more philosophical and his singing manner became more emotional. In 1981, Fogli performed one of his most famous and lyrical song, “Malinconia” (“Melancholy”), and in 1982 he was the winner of the Festival di Sanremo with his other hit “Storie di tutti i giorni” (“Everyday Stories”) His 1982 album Collezione (Collection) was issued in nearly a million copies in Western Europe, Japan and the USSR, where he became particularly popular. Riccardo Fogli participated in Eurovision Song Contest with the entry “Per Lucia” (“For Lucia”) in 1983; he finished in 11th place and received 41 points. Fogli was married to and then divorced from the Italian singer Viola Valentino. In 2016, he reunited with Pooh for the final tour, which celebrated the 50 anniversary of band foundation.