Moscow Stars on Ice
Bobrin Ice Theatre


Bobrin Ice Theatre formed when European Champion Igor Bobrin a true ice skating icon, one of the most innovative contributors to the art and sport of figure skating,
the king of exhibitions, performer of the world renown Cowboy, Paganini ,
and Invisible Partner, united a group of like-minded skaters.

Olympic Gold Champions Natalya Bestemyanova , and Andrey Bukin joined Bobrin and Bobrin Ice Theatre after they finished their competitive career.

Bobrin’s Cinderella debuted in Italy, at the Gardaland Park, on March 30, 2002.
Since then thousands of Italian fans visited and appreciated this show:
“It is very light and interesting for the children, who watch it from the first till the last minute, spell-bound. And it is also loved by their parents, who appreciate the performance
for the very high-level of figure skating art, including acrobatic and circus numbers,
as well as for its original and dramatically choreographed theatrics,
complete with fantastic costumes,” the Gardaland park leadership say and add that they consider this performance as one of the most spectacular events of the park’s line-up.

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